LMU Accounting Society provides members a wide variety of opportunities to help enhance their interests and jump start their careers. Professionals from countless different accounting firms, from mid-size Southern California firms to each of the Big Four, work directly with Accounting Society to present our members with valuable information and networking to help meet all of our members’ needs. Some of our opportunities are below:


Meet the Firms

Members can network and socialize with professionals from 20+ accounting-related firms. A great way to connect with internships and other summer opportunities.



Each year, numerous Accounting Society members are awarded scholarships at the annual Spring Banquet.


Weekly Meetings

Every week, one-hour long meetings are held. Guests are hosted to present topics ranging info on their respective firms, to interviewing and dining etiquette. Lunch is provided to members each meeting!


Mentorship Program

Members who choose to take part are paired with upperclassmen to help guide them in their primary years as an accounting major. From internship discussion to which classes to take at the same time, this is a great opportunity for members to get real world insight from other students.